Johanna Carla Padua Resume

      While watching the movie entitled "3 Idiots" , the main character quoted "Make your passion your profession"
, I accidentally clicked your website and I have seen some of the job listings in your site..
I am Johanna Carla Padua, 26 years of age . I graduated Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health at Saint Mary's University Bayombong , Nueva Vizcaya , Philippines and I successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers.. Aside from teaching, singing is also one of my passions.. I have been a choir member since elementary to college days, I usually sing in some funerals, wedding, birthday parties, debut, and other special occasions.. I am a regular vocalist in a band right now and we are playing in a restobar every Saturday... One of the reasons why I sing is because I dedicate it to my father who passed away, he always wanted me to continue my passion in singing that's why despite the busy schedule, I did not give up my singing career.. If I will be given the chance to be hired in the field of Entertainment, I would love to work in a cruise ship not only because I love traveling but also because I want to meet different people from different walks of life and be able to share them my God- given talents and be able to inspire them and touch their hearts .. I believe that through singing, I will create a big impact in their lives.

Updated:  October 25, 2015

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