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Email: symprism@gmail.com
Tel. +38 063 640 4781
Web-site: uncles-band.wix.com/home

«Uncles Band» is a six-piece cover-band formed in 2012 (country: Ukraine)

Members: Panivan Yurii (guitar), Apalkov Klim (bass-guitar), Holod Nikolay (trumpet), Mironenko Oleg (trumpet), Zhabenko Vadim (trombone), Kirichenko Alexander (drums). Members' median age is 26 (range 24 to 34).
All members of the “Uncles Band” are currently working at Ukrainian music institute (as teachers). Each member of the band has over 15 years experience of music entertainment.
Since 2012 “Uncles Band” took places in a lot of jazz and folk music festivals over Ukraine. Also band gotten a huge experience during live work at wide variety of BARs/hotels/wedding ceremonies and others events.
Repertoire of the “Uncles Band” consists of different music genres as: jazz, swing, funk, pop, rock, folk, marches, polkas, latin, film soundtracks etc (see below). The song list is still updated. Special request of songs is also acceptable for us (fast learning).

Updated:  November 30, 2015

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