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Pianist and conductor, he lives and works in Milan, where heís principal conductor of the Orchestra Nuova Sinfonica Italiana from 2005. He studied composition, in Italy,with Paolo Arcŗ (ex-artistic director of Teatro alla Scala) and Silvia Bianchera Bettinelli (pupil and widow of composer Bruno Bettinelli) and conducting with Gilberto Serembe (Scherchenís conducting technique) and Aldo Ceccato (Chelibidacheís conducting technique). He has also lived and studied in Bruxelles, London and Saint Petersburg. He has performed in the most important italian teathers, among Sala Santa Cecilia of Romeís Auditorium Parco della Musica, Teatro degli Arcimboldi of Milan, Auditorium La Verdi of Milan, Teatro Comunale of Benevento, Teatro Sociale of Como, Museo della Musica of Bologna, Teatro Cagnoni of Vigevano, Teatro Municipale of Fidenza, Teatro delle Arti of Salerno, Teatro di Villa Reale of Monza. As one of the founders of the Contemporary Music Center of Milan, Alessandro is working to create a stable ensemble for contemporary music performings. Besides heís the devisor of the italian Contemporary Music Web Television, which has already interviewed the spanish composer Luis De Pablo and many other italian composers.

Updated:  September 15, 2008

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