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Danny Medeiros

Haught Records
Signed up Artist, LA-California

Band Leader since·01-01-1984 to present

Jazz Guitarist Danny Medeiros Roots: A Mix of an African Brazilian Cocktail with Dutch Orange Juice and Portuguese Port !

Jazz Guitarist, who writes and performs an impressive array of musical genres from originals to standards. He has traveled the world extensively, searching for collaborations with local musicians from different cultures and music genres and the musical results have been eye-opening, building musical bridges between cultures not normally within reach of each other. He has managed to combine elements of World Music with the audacity of jazz improvisation music. Participated and played in dozens of jazz projects, venues and workshops around the world specially in the EU, UK, US
Won the title of one of the "Greatest Guitarists of the Year 1995" in a competition organized by the Forum for Arts and Culture in Amsterdam, Holland...Attended several international guitar music workshops of well known World Guitar Players such as

Pat Matheney
Phillipe Katerine
Robben Ford
Birelli Lagrene
John Scofield
Eef Albers
Pat Martino
Larry Coriel
Leonardo Amuedo
George Benson
Joe Dorio
Joe Pass
Mike Stern
Scott Henderson

Studied Jazz and World Music at the Amsterdam Conservatory from 1990 till 1993
Played different types of world music making use of voice production, harmony, rhythm and melody to present and fuse the characterization of different music languages...

* Memorized and interpreted the words and musical notes
* He was a member of the Big Band and Jazz Ensemble as a soloist guitarist.
* Worked as a jazz guitarist in various theaters and public spectacles of the entertainment world, uk, us, br, eu...

School of Arts and Music Amsterdam
1998 to 2001 gave intensive workshops often a lot
as a-guitarist.

* Assigned the task of teaching music to students.
* Students played in organized programs that help to create musical interests.
* Techniques and exercises to develop the musical interests of the student.
* Rehearsed and practiced songs with or without musical notes for the Development .
* Students learn about the translation of the word several musical notes.
* Worked in monitored areas and groups of music students with the weakest sense to help them improve their music skills.

Amsterdam Music Association
1998 to 2001 as a jazz guitarist.

* Extensive knowledge of music and interpretation of text using harmony and melody...
* The ability to play accurately, following the musical notes and printed text...
* Knowledge of creating new methods of learning that keeps music students interested and involved.
* Exciting, and dynamic performer mainline and a good sense of humor, friendly and cordial.
* The ability to teach to play songs in English and Portuguese
* Knowledge in the field of play all guitars 6-string (guitar and electric guitar)
* Has excellent communication skills with students and organizational...
* The ability to communicate clearly with musical instruments and their respective concepts.
* Participated in several live concerts in theaters, festivals, events and music halls...
* Participated in tasks such as arranging and composing theme songs...
* He participated in recording sessions on a regular and irregular basis...
* Participated in music recordings with many great artists from around the world...
* Collaborated in the development of music CV's for young music students...

1990-1993- Attended Amsterdam Conservatory, Holland (for Jazz and World Music)
He also worked as a private teacher of Jazz, Bossa Nova and World Music to private students of all ages.

1993-1996- Attended as a guitar teacher to Pop Muziek School for young talent guitarists in Amsterdam.

1996-1998- Crea Cultural Center- Gave private guitar workshops to beginners and intermediate students in Amsterdam.

1999-2002- Gave music recording orientation workshops to young guitar beginners at "Melody Line" recording studios in Amsterdam.

2003-2006- Gave guitar workshops to beginners at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam.

2007-2008- Gave international jazz and blues(workshops) in different European countries mainly Holland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Italy and Germany.

2009-2012 Traveled and Performed around the World

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