Ian Williams Hudson Resume

      Started Learning Guitar from a Professional Tutor at age 5 through to 14. tutored in Piano for 2 years.

I performed at age 12 with Small Theatre Groups
I played with first Band "Rock/Pop at age 16 through to 21
Played small bars and cafe's in Australia and London.

Now i write songs and music, or co write songs with Asian Lyricists, have had airplay in Australia and New Zealand,

I record singers and artists who appeal to me, and enjoy the cultural styles i have been able to involve myself in.

I am currently working on an original song in Mandarin that will be part of a buy for a donation to help Children with CHD in China.

I have tutored Guitar to a few talented students, One from never touching a guitar before to being able to play a mid difficult classical piece in 4 months, and even though i am primarily a guitarist, i have good ability to encourage students in other instruments.

I am happy doing anything "well almost"
I have worked in Finance back office, sold carpets, good on computers, and software, will teach English privately, Anything

Updated:  November 5, 2015

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