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Standard Time Trio is devoted to providing excellent musical entertainment from a variety of genres. From ballroom dance music to easy listening standards, from classic jazz to contemporary hits, providing all types of music to enhance a day or evening, make you want to get up and dance, or just puts a smile on your face and a tap in your toe. This is genuine "feel good music" that is uplifting and genuinely engaging with an extensive, international, and multilingual repertoire. See the website for detailed song lists.

The group has performed all over the world for nearly all the major cruise lines and specializes in music of all kinds for cruise ship and hotel venues, as well as corporate events. The tempos & meter are particularly appropriate for ballroom dancing. There are also special theme sets, interactive audience sing-alongs, and special shows.

Nancy Soul is a vocalist with an extensive repertoire covering jazz, country, blues, soul, R&B, and pop. With a history in theater, she has performed with numerous bands over the years. She created and performed custom shows for NAMM called "Shades of Blues", and "The Magic of Motown." She brings her own dynamic personality to her vocal expertise and her audience interaction. She adds her winning smile to her touches of French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Mandarin in her offerings, and delights audiences of many countries. A guest commented that "she brings you melodies so warm you want to swim in them with her soulful and rich voice..." Then add a joyful personality and loads of sincere musical enthusiasm.

Bruce Fernandes is an exceptionally gifted pianist who also plays key bass on a separate controller - a master multi-tasker who has been delighting audiences for decades with his amazing musical talents and mastery of the multiple keyboards. He is a career cruise ship musician, having performed on most all major cruise lines around the world. With his extensive repertoire, his nimble right hand dances over all 88 keys while holding down a powerful and creative bass line with the left for a mellow groove that delights and inspires with his extensive repertoire. He is the solid core of the band and his instrumental creativity knows no bounds.

Andrew Moss has been a drummer with bands of all kinds, and is a versatile musician who can handle anything from the hardest rock & roll to the mellowest jazz. He also contributes his charming baritone vocal talents to the mix with his stirring renditions of Johnny Cash and Elvis to change up the mood. A native of Coventry, U.K., he now resides in Montreal, Canada. Between his fluency in French, his British accent, his background in aeronautical engineering, and his stories of the numerous famous players with whom he has had the pleasure to play, he adds his own element of delightful and engaging onstage humor.




Updated:  January 5, 2017

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