Duje Ivic Resume

      Born in Split 1984, at the age of 7, I started primary music school. After finishing high school, I was preparing for the musical academy which I started to attend in 2009.
While growing up, I listened lots of classic rock like Queen, The Police, Deep Purple, Dire Straits but also 70's and 80's pop music.
As the biggest influences I would single out David Bryan, Mic Michaeli, Jordan Rudess, Derek Sherenian, Jon Lord, Harold Faltermayer and Danny Elfmann.
While in high school, I started my first band with couple of my mates. The band played mostly covers of Bon Jovi, U2, Bryan Adams etc. Two years later the band broke up.
In 2005 I got a chance to work with the band Kako Da Ne which actually had an album released unlike other I had played before. We played mostly classic rock and blues related to the likes of CCR, Stones, Gary Moore and etc.
In 2006 I joined young singer Luka Nizetic's band which had just had his debut album released and was pretty popular at the time.
After touring Croatia and some European countries, I played on his first live album ‘Live at Hypo Center' which was officially released in 2009.
In 2010, I was asked to join Marko Perkovic Thompson band, to finish ‘Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj' tour and almost two years later I joined on permanent basics followed by major lineup change.
That led to quiting Nizetic's band after 6 years and turning to the new challenges.
When the tour ended, we begun working on new material which resulted in releasing single ‘Uvijek Vjerni' which was accompanied by official video.

Finally new album ‘Ora et labora' was released in April of 2013 and brought some different sound on Croatia mainstream scene. Album was much darker and heavier than anything that could have been heard when it comes to mainstream artists. Influenced by the likes of Nightwish, Dream Theatre, Linkin Park but also classical music, it attracted lot of new fans. It made an instant impact on Croatian charts, topping it within few weeks also becoming top selling album in years.
Shortly after album's release, a big tour started in Munich which was overture to the biggest rock show in Croatia history at the Poljud stadium in Split.
Big stage and packed stadium with more than 60.000 people was a guarantee a great spectacle which was live recorded and released in 2014 by the name ‘Marko Perkovic Thompson – Poljud 2013' .
The tour continued for the next three years visiting Canada, Australia and most of the Central Europe. In three years Thompson and the band have played in front of more than 600 thousand people.
The tour officially ended by show in Knin on 5th of August 2016 in front of 100.000 people and which was broadcasted live on HRT 1.
During the past 10 years I've been involved with some other popular singers in Croatia like Giuliano, Lana Jurcevic, Tiho Orlic etc. Also I've been playing as a session musician in the studio for the various artists.

Currently I'm cooperating with Tiho Orlic and working on his new album, first after 2004.
So far, 5 new sings have been released as singles accompanied with official videos.
While playing live, I prefer using Yamaha Motif XF8, Kurzweil PC3 K, Korg Triton and Roland D50.

Updated:  January 18, 2017

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