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How does your service stand out?

"But do you have a full band?" was the question the guitar slinging duo of Bill Mathis and Jerry Jones kept hearing from their Middle Tennessee fans. Always willing and determined to please their audience, the music veterans took that cue, put out the call, and rounded up a like-minded rhythm section. The band NightWind was born.

Deeply rooted in Classic Country and Southern Rock, Road To Nowhere is NightWind's first multifaceted collection of original songs penned by Bill Mathis and his dad, the late and legendary Country Johnny Mathis. In addition to the thoughtful and skilled songwriting that passed from father to son, the recording also captures the unique blending of two seasoned lead guitarists and decade-old friends doing what they do best– playing some killer leads! This release undeniably answers the question with a resounding, "Yes, we DO have a band!"

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Our goal is to make sure during the event the client is 100% satisfied. Bill Mathis is the son of Country Johnny Mathis who wrote several hit songs for Charlie Pride back in the 60's like If you should come back, he also had a string of hits himself and Bill has followed in his footsteps writing and producing several awesome original songs. Most of my (Jerry Jones) playing experience was in Florida with a show band called TLH that played together as a group for 10 years with the same members which included Billy Dean the Nashville recording artist who played several shows with us.

The bottom line is music is in our soul and I believe I can speak for every band member with us. We can do an entire show of country or Southern Rock but we found most crowds like a mixture of it all.

Updated:  May 4, 2017

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