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Danny Couch - Aloha Friends and Fanaddicts in existence since 2001, sharing information, staying in touch with updates and enjoying and sharing Danny Couch's music with New CD Debuts and lyrics.

Are you a Fan? Keep current with whats new and happen'n with our favorite music artist's career for his fans, immediate and latest news who are interested in The Handsome and Talented Singing Sensation DANNY COUCH. International Singer, writer, Performer, Producer.

This is geared towards music related subjects only, Started in 2000 when my interest arose to do a website for my favorite singer. Information received from Danny directly, to you his Fans first. YOUR PLACE to share your meet and greet photos and meet others who enjoy Danny's music.

Anything news worthy/new updates will be listed here, If you have a meet and greet photo/story please send to fanaddicts@gmail.com email address, I'd be happy to add it our group site or on the main site.

Danny Couch Fanaddicts: Hawaii's Favorite Singer...Versatility is the word that best describes Danny. He continues exploring and refining his music, mastering his own voice and instruments, looking for the chance to create and add something special to his musical heritage, and repertoire. The result is that his music totally captures his audience and they become completely engulfed in his performances. The latest two additions to his album collection are fine examples of his flexibility, and diversity with award winning songs and something for everyone who listens to enjoy.

Danny's musical talent is a blend of traditional Hawaiian music and his own individual sound and style, be it Pop, Traditional Hawaiian, Standards, Jazz or Classics. His music is an excursion into a beautiful world of sound and melody, which opens the door to a vista of Hawaiian Fantasy and imagination. Listening to his music takes the listener down the road to a musical heritage that goes back hundreds of years, blending together, as it states in his song

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" with dignity, style and class.
With this site I want to express how that singer opened a door to the secret Mecca of Hawaiian Music for me, and didn't even realize it. There upon adding to the mystique of this wonderful but almost (at least to us mainland-dwellers) unknown wealth of artists, hidden there in Paradise. Danny says "There are a lot of big fish in a very small pond." Thus the reason for so much talent compressed into such a small area. Talent indeed! I guarantee that others have also been affected by Danny's talent, it's hard not to be once you hear his magnificent voice. Since the decision to launch this site nine years ago, I have heard from many stating somewhat the same thing I experienced, and for good reason. Although an immense site, I felt it necessary to develop this site for Danny's fans, those who have a common interest in an uncommon musical style. If you're like me you want to know as much as possible about his talent, and about the music of "These Islands". I cannot believe how protected the music seems to be in Hawaii. It is almost impossible to get their music stateside, without hunting down and ordering on the Net, or special ordering through a handful of companies or independent artists directly.
Danny opened my eyes and ears to beautiful music, Hawaiian style. His voice never fades and it seems to become stronger and truer every time I have the opportunity to hear him sing, there's no doubt that Danny is Hawaii's Favorite Singer with his angelic tenor voice, and perfect pitch. After purchasing his Cd's they have become fixed items in my players, and I am always asked.. "Who is that singing?" I'm very happy to be able to give them a card and invite them to his site to become familiar with this beautiful voice. I do so not to promote or sell anything, I do it to provide a chance for them to see and hear this very talented man's gift. Something I wasn't able to achieve when first I heard him, and craved to know more.
The calling to develop this website was more than I could resist when the idea perked, nine years ago. The answer is "No" I've never done a website before. But with all the interest I saw in Danny, and the fact that there had not been a Fan Related site online prior to this one, and his last Fan Club was over twenty years ago. I chose to develop this site, produce a Fan Club and present it to Danny with my goal on my sleeve, and I'm honored to say it is
THE Original Fan Site and Fan Club established on the internet, and that both have been very successful for all these years.
~ Mahalo for your interest

Updated:  June 13, 2009

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