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      Indrayudh Bose( Violinist - Indian Classical )

Indrayudh Bose is one of the finest North Indian Classical violinist of his generation,a dedicated musician with a motivation to find out the eternal meditative flow and the sublime spirituality of Hindustani Classical Raga music which can unfold the way towards peace and harmony.
From his early childhood Indrayudh was taught by his Mother and Guru Late Mily Bose who was an eminent North Indian Violinist(disciple of Vidushi Sisirkana Dhar chowdhury.After taking rigorous training for twenty years Indrayudh lost his Mother prematurely .Since then Indrayudh is now under the tutelages of famous Sitar player of present time Pandit. Kushal Das. Indrayudh is also indebted to another great sitar player, Sri. Sanjay Guha, (disciple of the Maestro, Pandit Ravi Shankar) who,all along guided him as a friend,philosopher and adviser in his musical carrier.
The basic style of Indrayudh is Senia(Maihar)gharana.Influenced by the style of his Mother Indrayudh has developed a completely different style of playing which is an intrinsic blending of gayaki and tantrakari style.Now he is acquiring the finer intricacies of Indian Classical music from the great Sitarist Sri. Kushal Das.Indrayudh is very much particular about the moods ,essence and the purity of raga with precision balance of skills and emotions.
Indrayudh has got some prestigious awards. He was honoured with the first prize in the West Bengal State Academy music competition in the year 2002. Indrayudh has performed in many prestigious concerts in his country and different countries in Europe.He got the opertunity to share his musical thoughts with many other renowned musician from all over the world. His fussion project with south African Drammer on World Music day(in 2006)was highly successful.Apart from his performance,Indrayudh also teaching violin sincerely and taking master classes regularly in India and in abroad.
The very specialty of Indrayudh's style of playing and the underlying Spirituality in his music has been highly praised by the music lovers, eminent musicians and music critics all along.

Performances in India :-
Annual conference of Bhowanipur Sursagar Society dedicated to late Ustad Nasir Ahmed Khan ( kolkata - 2002)
'Malhar Festival' and 'Monsoon Melody Festival'of Saltlake Music Conference (kolkata - 2002,2004)
'Swar-ganga' music festival ( kolkata- 2006 )
Tansen Music Festival ( Kolkata - 2008)
Jhulan bari utsav ( kolkata- 2006 )
Annual conference of Navaratna ( kolkata 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009)
Srutimudra music conference and Mallhar Mahotsav in Saugar ( M.P.- 2004, 2005)
Gurupurnima Festival ( patna - 2004 ).
Navaratna's festival in memory of Mily Bose ( Delhi - 2003).

Indrayudh toured extensively in Europe to take part in solo concerts.

Performances in Europe:-
Indian Centre of Culture ( Indian Embassy,Berlin - 2002, 2006 )
Bharatiya Bidyabhavan ( London - 2006 )
Rietberg Museum (Zurich -2007 )
Splendid Palace (Berne- 2007)
Peace Palace (Hannover - 2007, 2009)
Durga puja Music festival ( kologn , Bremen - 2002, 2006)
Diwali Festival ( Wupertal , Darmstadt - 2008,2009)
Deutsch-Indische Kulturgesellschaft in (Stuttgart , Munich, Friburg , Duren, konstanz, wupertal, cologne, Aachen, Tubingen, etc. 2002 to 2009 )
Concert for peace - Mahesh Yogi T.M. Centers ( Hannover, Lubeck, Erfort, Hamburg , Bremen, Kologn, Zurich etc - 2002 - 2009)
Concert in Mandappa ( Paris - 2002 )
Music Festival in Strasburg ( France - 2006, 2008 )
Concert in click music ( Brussels - 2008, 2009 )
Concert in Diwali festival ( Amsterdam - 2009 )
and many other prestigious concerts in Germany, France , Belgium and Switzerland.

Contacts : E-30 Nabapally. Kolkata 700107
West Bengal , INDIA
Ph 0091-9874012718
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Updated:  March 14, 2010

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