Evona York Resume

      This isn't a formal resume, but it can tell you a little about who I am.

I'm an American (from North Carolina) living in Mexico. I taught English and Music at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) for some fourteen years, and am fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. I'm a professional translator, and have taught literary translation, including song translation. I retired from fulltime work at the university last year, but still work part time as a translator/editor/proof-reader for our university's Department of International Alliance and Academic Interchange. I'm a soprano, and teach voice, using German breathing, which lets you go on singing for years and years. My own teacher, Dr. Will Blailock, a Chicago Opera baritone in the time of Caruso, Mme. Schumann-Heinck, et. al., said that it's not old age that ends the voice, but misuse. He sounded great at 76, when I met him. I just turned 70, and I always do a solo on our concerts to prove he was right.

One of the most interesting projects at the university was the "Coro Poliglota" (Multilinguistic Choir) of the university's School of Languages, which I founded and directed. We did all sorts of music from medieval to Bach to folk, and we sang in some 55 different languages. I was in contact with people all over the world, and explored many different cultural contexts. When I couldn't find songs already written in languages I wanted to sing in, I found texts and set them to music. Great fun! We have sung in such things as Maori, a Bosnian gypsy dialect, Tzotzil de Chamula (a Mexican indigenous dialect), Zulu, and so on and on. The music/linguistic link is fascinating.

At the moment, I'm producing and directing a Christian musical (somebody said it's a rock opera :o) in Spanish, with a group of churches in Tijuana. Some of the participants are professional musicians, and some can't carry a tune. We're having fun, and learning to love each other.

I'm a learner on the harp, and have a small, non-pedal harp with me here in Mexico. I enjoy accompanying myself on it. I also play the autoharp expertly on the English, Scottish and Irish folk music that was part of my growing up, and an inheritance from my family.

I read shape-note music as well as standard, and I'm a great Stamps-Baxter gospel pianist, Southern Gospel Quartet style. Since I grew up with Afro-American friends, their music style also influences me as a singer and composer.

I admire the guitar, and am trying once more to learn to play it! It seems a very difficult, very complicated instrument to me, as opposed to the piano, which has its notes all laid out in order, and all I have to do is choose the ones I want. You have my permission to laugh.

So there. It's not an application for a job, but maybe somebody would like to make friends--which is why I wrote it.


Updated:  May 8, 2008

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