Jeremy Paul Nasta Resume

      Jeremy Nasta
Drumset and Percussion

I began playing drumset when I was four. I studied with my first teacher for 7 years, second for 5 and then pursued a Master's degree in Percussion Performance. At the Univ of Arizona I found my tribe of experimental, hard rockin' string players, a band of jazz musicians and connections to gigs, seminars, master classes and of course the immersion into music. Because I accompanied dance classes part time, I picked up the piano and dove head first with lessons and 8 hours of practice a day for a long time. Then I got into compostion. I feel that I am a well rounded musician and I know that my strongest instrument is the drumset. Next is marimba and latin and African hand percussion. I do symphonic stuff too. I have toured in bands, played in pro Theater Co's and traveled around quite a bit for various reasons, musical and not.

I am easy to work with, efficient, creative and detailed. I am climbing the ladder and shooting high in my career aspirations. My days of low pay are nearing an end, but I am always negotiable.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason.


Updated:  July 24, 2008

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