George L Resume

Musicians Institute (BIT) 1988, Berklee College of music 1991.
Qualifications and Experience:
Good listener and quick learner, high recovery skills in improvisational situations. Bilingual (English & Spanish). Sing background vocals. Nineteen (19+) years playing bass as team member, subcontractor or lead musical director in original and cover bands. Staff writer [1998-2001] for internationally distributed Latin music magazine “Musico-Pro”.
Experienced in rock, smooth jazz, Latin, Classic R&B, Flamenco, funk, contemporary Christian, gospel, and original material. Have clocked many hours of studio time as sessionist, songwriter, arranger and background vocalist.
Musical Influences:
Pat Metheny, Marcus Miller, Top 40 radio, Latin music, Charlie Parker, Hall & Oates, 80-90's Rock En Español, Classic Rock, recent advances in music technology, my friends, my life.
Top notch bases including Zon wood-composite graphite studio bass, 5 String MTD, Tune fretless, Ibanez Roadstar II, Millennium Cort, Fender ‘77 jazz Classic sound. Small Medium and large rigs for indoor and outdoor events.
Contemporary, present, but never in the way of others. Fluent performer but sensitive to delivering the arrangement. Live multi-effects enthusiast.

Updated:  August 2, 2008

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