Ricardo Sa Benevides Resume


I performed and produced three solo albums and concerts of diverse vocal/instrumental medieval, elisabethan and celtic repertoires, balancing past and present knowledge, elements and sensibility so to avoid a positivist "archeological authentic" performance, historically, but not artistically interesting.
At stage, I introduce all the theatrical elements in order to achieve a higher level of communication.
This work is the consequence of eighteen years musicological reserch, what includes studies in UK, Ireland and France and a PHD in Communication and Aesthetics.
Besides, I've been teaching Gregorian Chant to the monks at the Bendictine Monastery or Rio de Janeiro.
But, apart those repertoires, I perform and write musical genres as Brazilian Popular Music (for its countless blends of indian, black,iberic medieval, gregorian chant), Progressive Rock (for all its medieval, renaissance and baroque fluences) and rock

At the moment, I'm looking for a manager and a possible band at UK and America.

Ricardo Correa de Sá e Benevides
From Rio de Janeiro

Updated:  January 11, 2010

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