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Man El Perfecto Homo Sapiens

La Epiphania de La Goddess Para Zeno

The Epiphania de La Goddess de Bellus Y Amor Para Invictus Muse Zeno as received from Somnus Y MorpheusψΩψ 062509 Zeno Alma

Harpcophagus de Invictus Muse Zeno

Invictus Muse Zeno Somnus within the Harpcophagus of the Goddess De Bellus Y Amor ▲▼♀▲▼ 062509 Zeno Alma Harpist Composer

AirLand&Sea ~~~☼~~~ ♫♫♫♫♫

Aeolian Serpent Energy Harp Sculpture Conceived & Crafted by Zeno Alma Designer Harpist 06230

La Epiphania de La Goddess

La Epiphania de la Goddess de Bellus Y Amor 062309 ▲▼♀▲▼ Zeno Alma Harpist Composer

I Wonder As I Wander Out under The Sky

To Behold What is Above Me The Stars do not lie

For All to Behold only few realize

The Distant Stars That Shine Reveal

That God Is Sublime

Zeno Alma Muse Poet 061009Ω☼Ω

Those Who Dwell within Harpopolis Ancient City of The Harp

Calliope Clio Erato

Euterpe Melpomene Polyhymnia

Tersichore Thalia Urania

Ω∇Ω Apollo Lord Of The Sun Sees All≈≈≈≈≈☼≈≈≈≈≈▼♀▼

Conceived & Crafted by Zeno Alma Harpist Composer ωΦω 042209

From The Depths of Imagination

Arises The Illumination Of Manifestation

" MantaHarp " Zeno Alma Designer 04220

2009 Cable Television Debut " HarpQwest Endeavour "

The Origins, History, & Evolution of The Orchestral Pedal Harp

The Anatomy of The Harp & It's Mechanics Zeno Alma Harpist Composer 042209

Ω ∇ Ω Dedicated to Mr & Mrs Herman☻ & Elaine ☺Ray on Θak St

One day when the Sun was shining ≈☼ ≈returning home from work

Mr Ray was throwning away an AutoωHarpin the Trash I inquired

May I have It He replied for $ 5.00 I Paid I took the Autoω Harp &

tuned it to ♫ F ^7 with a flatted 5th & strummed the harp over

dubbing on top of a Midi composition being recorded in my Apt

My Woman awoke & said that It sounded Celestial Heavenly

The next day I decided to take Harp Lessons I found the High

Priestess of Harp Early Harp Improv Inspired by Carlos Salzedo

Apollo ≈≈≈☼≈≈≈ see's All 042004 φ ω φ ≈≈☼≈≈ 042109

Portal to The 4th Dimension An early Opus The composition was more

advance than my technique but I was able to articulate Performed on

the Pedal Harp First synchronized animation One of my favorite Opuses

Electric Gamelian Harp Ω ∇ Ω ≈≈☼≈≈ 041809

Realm of The Deep Blue Abyss, My return unto the Land of The Sun

Tenor Saxophone & Guitar, tribute to Coltrane, & Wes Montgomery

Ancient Cleric High Priest of The Crystal Skull Jungle Adventure

Music of The Spheres Cosmic Celestial Arkestra

The Crystal Skull Essence of and The Inevitable of Man

Pharoah's Vision From the Land Beyond Time, Great House

Ancient Chant of The Celestial Procession of the Ennead 041609

Updated:  December 18, 2010

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