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"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and brings tears from the eye of woman." Ludwig Van Beethoven
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The Oldest Music Notation in the World! 3400 B.C. Ugarit, Syria

In my musical journey I have had the opportunity to learn from a wealth of different musical voices - from the immense compassion and grace of Beethoven's piano sonatas, to the ancient music of Ugarit, to the rich folk melodies and interesting rhythms of Syria. Since its inception in our great land, music has become a cultural phenomenon. It is something people relate to on emtional, instinctive, intellectual and many other levels. It has affected me greatly as well and instilled in me a desire to unite the primal with the contemporary and to create music that tugs at the heart and mind. Thus the birth of my album "Echoes from Ugarit" which is inspired by the music of Ugarit, the oldest music notation in the world.

This project is an attempt to present the rich musical heritage of Syria. I have always felt that music eloquently expresses the inherent connection between the past and the present. In all cultures throughout histroy it has served as a humanizing force, which is common to all. This album is dedicated to you, the listener. May you find Harmony!


September, 2008

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