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Casia is a lyricist from Canada. She has several songs completed and a whole lot more in the works with wonderful musicians from all over the world.

The World of STONEHINGED...During the latter half of 2008 a motley group of unlikely musicians from across the world started work on a crazy musical project. Guided by the firm hand of Casia the boys began developing idea's for an album of rock songs with a rather wacky sideways view of life ...... madness to blow your socks off....Enjoy the lunacy!!! 2009 release.  I'm just setting up a website, you can listen to one of our first album songs here:  http://www.squidoo/stonehinged

RPM CHALLENGE: New Album - KOMPOZITE - What do you get when you mix a group of talented musicians with a cross selection of genres? You get a Kompozite of course. And, that’s exactly what and who we are - an internet group of artists who have never met before. We challenged ourselves to 28 days of writing and creating to produce a 10 song album by the end of February, 2009. We come from The United States, Canada, Bahamas, Scotland, Sweden, Italy, Spain and France. Can we do it? Well, actually we did, WooHoo! You can find our album "Kompozite" here and read our story:

ALBUM OF SOUFUL LOVE BALLADS:  Casia is just starting work on an album with a female vocalist from South Africa and a musician-mixer from the U.S.A.  Two songs are currently in progress.

Casia's song "Destiny's Fire" has been selected from 200 bands to be on LegalTorrents (netlabel music) album:  The Best of Indie Pop Vol I.  This same song has been selected as No. 2 in May 2009 on Kickradio's Top 10 New Music Charts and Show. The Kickradio Show is an Internationally Syndicated Radio Program that is broadcast and podcast not only on the internet, but also by traditional terrestrial radio stations with listeners in over 140 countries - Avail. May 3rd on podcast and a profile in their monthly magazine promoting the top 10 artists.

POP ALBUM: Casia is working on a pop album with an amazing vocalist from Russia - Victoria Linskaya.

Victoria Linskaya, won 3rd place with my pop lyric “Stay With Me Tonight” at Martisor, a Spring music festival in the Republic of Moldova on March 7-10, 2009. Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe between Romania and the Ukraine.  The opening concert was attended by Moldova’s top leadership: President Vladimir Voronin, Speaker Marian Lupu and Prime Minister Zinaida Grecianii. Music bands from 17 countries including the U.S.A., France, Germany, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, etc. participated.

In Aug/Sept. of 2008, Victoria sang one of Casia's pop lyrics "Won't You Be Mine" at the 2008 Golden Stag International Pop Festival in Brasov, Romania. It was televised live on Romania’s largest national television network, Televiziunea!

Victoria Linskaya won 2nd place at the International Pop Music Festival "Discovery" in Bulgaria in August, 2008, for Casia's lyric "Stay With Me Tonight".


The Misplaced Texans:  Casia is working with a group of internet musicians who are putting together a selection of pop rock songs for re-distribution to up-and-coming artists.  For more detail contact  This group is from Canada, U.S.A., and Germany.


The King and I:  Casia is working with a new publisher from Germany who is putting together a selection of songs using Casia's lyrics for re-distribution to up-an-coming artists in the genres of R&B, Soul and Jazz.  For more detail contact


Casia is putting together a selection of music from internet collaborators under the album name "Casia and the Frustrations".

Articles:  Casia is writing a selection of articles to promote internet music collaborating.  Here are couple you can read now:


I have just been hired on a contract basis with INIRA (The International Network of Independent Recording Artists) as a Client Services Representatives.  Please contact me at: for more information.


Updated:  May 21, 2009

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