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♪♫♫♪♪♫♪ Singer.....a talented young individual who is going places in her life....admirable......couragous.......mindful well-being.....and intelligent! these are the things that many people attribute about me. i may be young but i am serious about what i do and i do it because i want to become more than just another young person sitting at home in front of the television wishing that was me in the spotlight. no, i want to do big things and i want to make it in life without wondering everyday what it would be like if i would have made it. to me, i "AM" a "SUPERSTAR", i am the most "infamous famous" person and that needs to change. i want the entire world to be proud of me and my singing talents knowing that i had the right head on my shoulders and was determined enough to try to go places in my singing career..... "who am i ?" you may be asking, i, me , this person here, i am Jaquona J and i am somebody, no i am a star in the making, i am a masterpiece... i , me, i am a determined sixteen year old who doesn't want to struggle because i know i can make it.... i know what i am capable of doing , but i need someone who is willing to work with me to get me where i need to be.... i need a manager, a recording studio, a producer, and someone that i can call boss during business time and a friend during leisure time....i need someone to help me make it in the music industry and be like a part of my family...... i need somene who knows what they are doing and is looking for that thing that can put more than just 5 digits on their paychecks...... if you are that person, i , me, Jaquona J needs you and you need me .so lets work together so we can both be successful...........................................♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

Updated:  October 27, 2008

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