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Music that uplifts the spirit and moves the soul is the type of music that Abraham Ogunlade hopes to bring to the Gospel Jazz arena.  Abraham is originally from Lagos, Nigeria.  Abraham is from a strong religious family.  Having grown up the son of a pastor, Abraham’s warm, melodic sound was nurtured in the church.  Abraham along with his 9 other siblings were brought up in a home where God is the center.  Abraham is the second of 10 children and at about age 5, he started his musical journey by playing the drums, he then moved to the trumpet until he was a teenager. 

Abraham was first exposed to the unique and classic sound of the saxophone by his brother; after hearing him play the saxophone, Abraham took up playing the instrument in 1991 and he then began playing with the band called Compassion Band Strong Tower Mission in Lagos Nigeria and he has been playing the saxophone ever since.

Abraham is seeking to expand his musical horizons, audience, and musical appeal.  He wants his music to be known and to touch people; Abraham endeavors’ for his music and his to be known in household’s across the country.  Abraham performs at a variety of locations and events, such as weddings, concerts, banquets.  He has also performed, at such places as The Ashford & Simpson Sugar Bar in NYC, the Greater New York and Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Churches, Full Gospel Assembly, Grand Prospect Hall and several other venues’ in NY, NJ and CT. 

In the early nineties, Abraham started playing with Kofo The Wonder Man a drummer and a singer from Nigeria, who is now based in New York.  Abraham then started touring with King Wasui Ayinde Mash, who is one of Nigeria’s biggest and most famous bands.  The music was a fusion of African percussion fused with western instruments like the saxophone. Abraham has performed in such countries as Germany, Spain, Poland, Paris, London, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Canada, during his time touring with the band.  As a solo performer Abraham has performed at events and locations in New York such as Central Park, Atlanta, Chicago and Tennessee.    In 2007 Abraham was asked to perform in Barbados, he was a featured performer in the New Years in Queen’s Park, Barbados.  Abraham was also the lead saxophone player for the Creflo Dollar Ministries in New York for several years.

Abraham is currently working on the final production of a live CD and DVD that he is hoping to launch on March 29, 2009 at a formal dinner banquet and live concert in New Rochelle, New York, which will include some original songs as Thankful and Always With You and a special appearance by Shanelle Gabriel who is a HBO Def Poetry Jam performer.

As a solo performer Abraham is aiming to expand his audience base and to introduce himself and his music to a nation wide audience.  Abraham wants his music to be included with all the mainstream gospel performers.  Abraham’s goal is to be a household name such as Dave Coz, Najee, and Kirk Whalum, which are some of the horn players who inspires and drives him.   For one day Abraham aspires to be named along those great horn players, he admires.

Look for Abraham at an event near you, for his gift is a gift from Above and Abraham has the determination and the ambition to share his gift with everyone.

To contact me, email me at abrahamonsax@aol.com. See you on the road at an event near you.



Updated:  February 26, 2009

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