Abraham Ogunlade Resume

      I am originally from Nigeria and as a boy I fell in love with the saxophone. I have been playing the saxophone for about sixteen years. My music is my passion and a gift from God. When I play, I honor Him and the gift he has given to me.

My family is my rock and my biggest fans. I would love to share the gift that God has given to me with you. I have played all over and it is important to me that through my music, those who hear me play, will be uplifted, blessed and moved. I am available for a variety of events such as Weddings, Concerts, Birthday Parties, Studio Back-up and a variety of special events.

I have played at events in Central Park and all over the US, Germany, Spain, Poland, Paris, London, Holland, Switzland, Belgium, Italy and Canada as I toured with king Wasui Ayinde Mash the music was a fusion of African percussion fused with western instruments like the saxophone. Last Christman I played in Barbados and will be participating in the Nes Years celebration in Barbados.

To contact me, email me at abrahamonsax@aol.com. See you on the road at an event near you.

Updated:  November 3, 2008

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