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Musical Background(Summary):
Dan Pinto began his career as a drummer in 1974 shortly afterwards learning his craft at the keyboards. His live stage experience started in 1976 performing in local cover bands and continued throughout the 1980s before turning his attention exclusively to composing and studio recording. With the unusual combination of keyboard, drum and percussion abilities firmly in hand, Dan began writing original compositions in 1977 first performing his music live and later writing for a variety of television and film company productions. In addition to his talents as a performer and composer, he also learned sound production and engineering as he was building what was to become known as "Pinto Studios" a complete self owned and operated audio/visual recording studio. This is where all the music he writes is recorded and mastered for release to this day.
Live Stage/Studio Experience:
At the tender age of 16 in his very first live keyboard performance in front of a packed house, Dan Pinto would take first placein a talent competition as best solo instrumentalist on Hammond organ and Moog synthesizer for his performance of "Leonard Bernstein's" "America." This would be the first of many competitions early in his career by where Dan's talents helped to push him into the spotlight both as a drummer and a keyboard player. At 19 years of age, Dan was the keyboardist/drummer percussionist for the band "Juice" when they opened for the famed female rocker "Joan Jett" of "Joan Jett and the Blackhearts." His combined double drum solo with then Juice drummer, "Kevin Williams" would bring even Joan Jett fans to they're feet. By the age of 22, Dan had a full plate performing practically every week either in New York or New Jersey with more than one band ata time, even on the same night! He's performed at New York City clubs such as "The Ritz," "CBGB's," "The Limelight," "The Cat Club," "Kenny's Castaways" & "Nirvana." He's worked live and in the studio with T. C. recording artist, "Doug Wain" which resulted in the release of a live CD from the "Ritz" and performed live on stage with members of the Atlantic recording artist "Trixter." On drums, Dan has done studio recording sessions with many artists including Steve Morse / Dixie Dregs bassist, "Dave LaRue." He continues to arrange and perform the drums & percussion on all Eclectic Sound studio releases as well and has performed live as a solo pianist and also on electronic synthesizers using programmed MIDI sequencers. Ending his live performances as a solo artist in 1991, he turned his attention exclusively to working as a studio composer.
Composing Credits:
As a seasoned multi-instrumentalist with a passion for composing at the piano and after turning down several publishing deals that were less then honest, he decided to go it alone. Dan Pinto joined BMI in 1991 with hopes of furthering his own music. He did just that by drawing attention from many television and film companies which resulted in his music being placed on projects for "A, T & T"; "RCA"; "CNN" and several local Cable stations. Then he was given an opportunity to write music for "Robin Leach's" television series shows, "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" & "Runaway with the Rich & Famous." His music enjoyed a good deal of success for several years as a result. By the end of 1993, Dan had 3 albums of material released, one each in Light New Age, Jazz-Fusion and New Age Ballad styles. This was a culmination of the work he had done up to that point. In 1995 Dan began what started as an experiment. After years of experience in writing music on it's own with having no power or control over how that music was put to a visual, Dan felt that it was time to write something that had more involvement. "I had always wanted to write a soundtrack for a motion picture but never had an opportunity. So rather than wait, I decided to create my own opportunity." Pinto Studios was outfitted with video recording and editing equipment and the project was underway. "Die For A Life" would become Dan's first full length motion picture movie score. It took 4 years before the soundtrack could even begin to be written. But in April of 1999, the 1 hour and 3 minute long work was finally complete and officially released as Dan's forth album. In the process leading up to the completion of this soundtrack, Dan gained 4 solid years of hands on experience in writing, producing, directing and editing a feature film. Over that time, there were over one hundred people and organizations that took part. "Im not trying to be a film producer, that's not the goal I set for myself here at all. Of course the knowledge I gained by doing this production certainly didn't hurt. But this experience is vital in understanding whatfilm producers look for when writing a soundtrack. I have no regrets." Dan has most recently been nominated for "Best Instrumental Song of the Year" in the 2006 JPF Music Awards for the title, "The Haunting" from his "Ivory Towers" Album.
Dan Pinto has put together a genuinely unique catalog of works with this, his latest release. Featured are 10 selections titled with relation to the main Anomalies theme. The music alternates mixing varying combinations of Jazz, Rock, Blues and Classical, joining that with orchestral and moviesound stylesin an unusual and powerful Fusion experience. In the extremes, the moods ofthe music shift from very heavy Rock Fusion to beautifully arranged piano &orchestra. To add further dimension, Dan has invited three very talented musicians to adorn the work.(Detailed information on his musical guests is available at the Anomalies Guest Page.) But even apart from the music, the packaging design and concept was very carefully thought out and is equally unique. The cover features the work of talented photographer, Tom Eklund from Finland(Info on Tom is also available on the Guest page). Also featured are four additional art illustrations including a crossword puzzle on the inner gatefold. The intriguing visuals and puzzle all focus on Anomalies of varying types with all of the designs being from the creative mind and hands of Dan Pinto.
This CD offers a powerful musical experience as well as going the extra mile in allowing it's listeners to participate in reading and solving the puzzle from the clues that are supplied within. It is a truly unique overall concept CD package design from top to bottom not often seen anymore in today's marketplace.

Updated:  November 27, 2008

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