Loki Ohlin Resume

      Hi! My name is Loki. I am here in hopes for a couple of things. Mainly to find someone in the Yonkers NY area who is skilled with music theory and accelerated guitar techniques. My styles and interests vary. Which always makes it difficult to fill out the profile information since they give you only 1 choice of music styles you enjoy to play. I play everything from blues to black metal. some genres are more challenging than others and i want to learn as much as possible about almost all of them. My focus now is theory as i have mentioned before. I desire a teacher. Classical has aroused my interest in a huge way this last year. In my opinion, it is a superior form of music that is very challenging. The knowledge to be learned there can and will be applied to any form or style in which i play. I am very excited about it. So let me get to the grueling details.
I have been playing for almost twenty years. I play the guitar. I have dabbled in other instruments such as drums, bass, and even the harmonica, (but not too much). I consider myself at this juncture to be a student of the instrument. I am NEVER satisfied. I always seek more knowledge. I understand my place in the world when it comes to playing and am a great student, listener, and enthusiast of all music. Nothing biased on my behalf. I seek unity in music. I mostly play metal and really hate the elitist behavior that is constantly portrayed in such genre. I have all my own pro equipment. two Ibanez guitars. JS100 (satriani sig. model) and the S-470. I run a Marshall half stack MG100HDFX and use Line 6 stompboxes.
I'm an open-minded musician who seeks an open-minded, experienced teacher/friend.

Updated:  March 10, 2009

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