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I was born in NYC and thinking about it today, I must seem like Rockerfeller to bands like Van Halen and the Stones sometimes. I like to record music and from reading a Bruce Springsteen interview in Time Magazine I know that it's an attribute to be able to read someone else's music. I would like to broadcast because I have bills and could participate in new compositions. I don't have any videos yet and have quite a bit of time for practices, rehearsalsand for anyone who would like to hear me play live.

Beloware links to two sites that I put together while studying at the University. They wouldn't include me in the music college cirriculum and I have it from at least one other person;Janet M. Shaw -Associate Professor of Exercise And Sport Science, that this might be the situation for everyone.



Sincerly Yours,

Michael William Andersen

Updated:  April 29, 2009

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