I`m JACK BOLIVAR ROJAS, colombian Pianist….I'd like offer you our musical group LATIN CONNECTION......I have worked with great groupings like: Orchestra the Timid ones, Orchestra of Gabino Pampini, Orchestra of Naval Base, Orchestra of Adolph Echeverria, the Great Combination (Caribbean Bar, Hotel of the Prado), the group Sugar (Royal Hotel), Musical Group Caribbean Moon, Orchestra Impact Sono ra and Orchestra Latin The Brothers) with these three you complete I have made tours in countries like Sweden: Stockholm (Midsommar Latino, Club Mambo Fashing, Killing Club) Malme and Gotterborg (Rio Rio Disc Bar), Italy: San Remo (the festival of the water), Paris, Spain: Barcelona (Discoteca the Antilles, Discoteca Melao, Celebration of independence of Colombia), Madrid, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Palms of Majorca, Future Fort among others. At the moment pianista-director of Latin Connection. Latin Connection Colombian musical group founded in 2005, integrated by musicians of ample national and international trajectory, whose musical proposal is to arrive at all type of people and publish interpreting an big repertoire in English and Spanish . WE PLAY SALSA, MERENGUE, REGGAE, REGUETON, This group has made presentations at local level in cities like Barranquilla (Casino Elite, Samba Casino, Discoteca Pekados, Discoteca Mix, Márquez de Casa Blanca, the Fertile valleys, among others) Cartagena, Santa Marta, Pasto. I'm sending you information and photos, or you can see us at Facebook: Jack Bolivar Rojas.....I would appreciate if you can answer to me, thanks

Updated:  May 9, 2009

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