Joey Pieretti Resume

      Joey Pieretti started his trombone career at the age of 13 in his home island of Puerto Rico, under the watch of Gamalier Gonzalez and Jose Berrios Reymundi. The band will soon travel to Orlando, Florida to participate in two different competitions; the All Star Music Festival and All American Music Festivals. Then started playing salsa jazz for local bands and it was there that he had his first paying gig. Later he will move to the greater Philadelphia area where he is under the instruction of the well known trumpet player William Sheible, at the Northeast high school in Philadelphia were he plays for the jazz band, orchestra, concert band, brass quintet and got accepted to the Phila School District Band; and former Curtis Institute student and Temple University trombone teacher Paul Bryan. He also started playing with local salsa bands were he has played with big jazz players in the city and area.

Updated:  May 11, 2009

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