Christine Mello Resume

      Christine Mello is a graduate of Temple University's Boyer College of Music undergraduate and graduate school where she studied and still studies with Metta Watts, assistant to Orlando Cole (the Curtis Institute of Music). Former teachers include James Cooper (principal: Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra, substitue: Philadelphia Orchestra) Hsiao Ming Chen, Karen Meier (University of Pennsylvania music department). In addition to various solo and chamber performances, Mello has performed with the Mainline Symphony Orchestra (with conductor Henry Scott, member of the Philadelphia Orchestra) West Chester University Symphony, Temple Music Prep. Orchestra, The Philadelphia Sinfonia, The Atlantic Coast Opera Festival and the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia. Mello's performing credits include a spectrum of styles, from string quartets and symphonies to singer/songwriters and rock bands. Mello has been an active freelance cellist and strings teacher in the city of Philadelphia since 2000.

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Updated:  July 1, 2009

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