Andy Freeman Resume

      For the last 2 years I have been writing songs as I can also play guitar (rather badly I have to say) and I have always enjoyed creating original music in bands in the past.Nevertheless I would be quite happy to be out playing "covers" if original material was not in the picture.I was always primarily a drummer first and vocalist second;I would say I am an average solid drummer but I think my best musical attribute is my voice and I would like to be able to sing without having to drum simultaneously.I am currently not working and could have plenty of time to devote to a musical project.
A few months ago I was at Rickenbackers pub listening to a band(that will remain nameless),the band were doing classic rock covers,they went over really well with the audience,the band were good though I was not too impressed with the vocalist.I went up and "guested" vocals on "knocking on heaven's door" and apparently the place went wild ,according to my partner, though I was concentrating on my singing so much that I didn't notice this until it was over.I am not one to "blow my own horn" (and in fact I have trouble working with people who are "full of themselves") but that experience has made me think that I should be focusing on my abilities as a singer primarily.
I would be happy to hear from anyone out there about any possible collaberation as I have been in bands quite constantly for a long time and I am now missing it greatly here in Berlin and I feel that there is something of a demand in Berlin for good rock without much supply in evidence.

Updated:  September 5, 2009

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