Andy Shaw Band Resume

      Here we have the sound of Andy Shaw Band coming into its own. Ways of the World exhibits a fully-formed unit that transcends . . . .”
- Chris Deville, Columbus Alive

“Andy Shaw Band . . .uses the best elements to create unique, laid-back grooves. Shaw and cohorts, among the hardest working musicians in town, have honed their trademark sound.”
- John Ross, Columbus Alive

"The sound is an incredibly approachable tap into the reggae genre that is initially disguised by an almost alt-country feel and intense technical tightness, commanding audience respect, especially live."
- Dana Stewart, Metromix Columbus

“There is a little Stevie Wonder, a little Steely Dan and a lot of fun to be found in the terrific little surprise that is Ways of the World.”
- Rick Allan, The Other Paper

"Get ready to move and groove with the Andy Shaw Band! Live or on tape, get ready to rock!"
- Maggie Brennan, Music Director, WCBE 90.5

What is Andy Shaw Band?
ASB is a unique blend of professionals who effortlessly cross genres, powered by their passionately well structured songs. The Columbus-based band is exploding through the release of their new album “Ways of the World”, gaining attention of media and radio alike. The band weaves elements of reggae, rock, blues, and a mix of others, to create a fresh and original sound. Songwriter Andy Shaw has taken his lyrical taste and expressive voice to the next level in songs like "Loving You" and "Wise Man", bringing a true magnetism to the music. Within the crew is a mastery of over 30 instruments and the participation in over 30 bands. Each is a kindle to the others fire that fuels the epic groove to their romantic reggae rock.

From restaurants to festivals the Andy Shaw Band's history is as rich and diverse as its enthusiastic fan base. In 2007, as well as 2009, the band was selected to the Midpoint Music Festival, a festival for independent musicians from around the world. With 4 years, 3 albums, a dozen festivals, and a few hundred shows under their belt, Andy Shaw Band is rock solid. Tight grooves, lyrical melodies, and endless dancing make each show, an event. A feast of musical flavors.

Who is Andy Shaw Band?

Andy Shaw Band is a collective of natural performers who are eager to continue soaring through the hearts of the adventurous.

Andy Shaw is a man continually entranced by a sense of melody and pop, while always keeping true to the unique groove and connectedness he feels with his band mates. As the lead songwriter, Andy pushes the limits of his voice, while also staying true to his range, creating hooks at every corner. His style of writing is akin to Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, and Rufus Wainwright, as he shares the same focus and intensity of his predecessors.

Theo Perry is exploding with energy and personality. As the lead guitarist, Perry pushes the sound right into the spotlight with his vicious guitar riffs and spot on vocal harmonies. His energy is what sails the band into the range of eleven.

Chris Shaw is a drummer who shines as a unique and authentic groove crafter. Influences from Carter Beauford of Dave Matthews Band, to Adrian Young of No Doubt, Chris makes his own path through reggae to rock to groove oriented palettes of sound, leaving peers and fans alike with jaws dropped.

Bobby Wildermuth owns his bass lines like a Jackson Pollock. True to form, Wildermuth distinctively crafts his melodic bass lines through Chris Shaw's intricate drumming, not even giving the finest aged wine a fighting chance at equivalent flavor.

Jim Shaw lays down the glue to cap off a solid sound. Adding a genuine texture and gloss to the sound, Jim adds experience and maturity along the way. Weaving through elements of piano, organ, and vintage sounds, Jim can make you understand the true passion of music.

Updated:  September 8, 2009

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