Mikki Munday Resume

      So it started back in 2007 when Lee Daniel, tired of waiting for the right band to come around after playing in numerous go nowhere projects, decided on a lonely drunken night in the Caribbean to go for the jugular and wait for no one. After getting back stateside from a long tour shark and sword fishing, the tracks for what would become Mikki Mundays debut EP "Fire it Up" were written and recorded with producer Brian Harelik at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida's Studio 107. After a successful meeting in Manhattan with manager Jeff DeLia in November 2008, (coinciding with AC/DCs Madison Square Garden show) It was agreed that New York City would be the base of operations for the band that would be Mikki Munday. Drummer Erik Jon was recruited for his highly technical as well as powerful playing style, (as well as his uncanny ability to relieve the ladies of their clothes) followed by the addition of lead guitarist Roy Galvan who's style seamlessly meshes with the hard rock anthems of Mikki Munday, which will doubtlessly be selling out stadiums worldwide very soon.

Updated:  October 1, 2009

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