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encore! Performing Arts Training & Enrichment Center

Fayetteville, Arkansas

A professionally-based performing arts training & enrichment center for all ages and levels of talent and ability. Encore's professional instructors and coaches promote personal and artistic self confidence using modern teaching methods and specialize in technical and professional performance.

Areas of Music Study: Voice - Piano/Keyboard - Acoustic & Electric Guitar - Strings - Percussion - Winds - Brass -
Music Theory & Tutoring - Commercial Songwriting & Composition - Music Arranging & Technology -
MIDI & Computer Music- FINALE! - Sibelius - Studio Recording/Engineering - Music Business Licensing & Copyrights

Areas of Private Theatre & Acting: Private & Semi-Private Acting - Advanced/TV/Film Acting - Stage Make-Up/Costumes -
Stage Production/Technical/Set Design

Performing Arts Classes: Dance Classes (Beginning Spring 2010) - Master Classes by Music Artists & Coaches -
Master Classes by Actors & Coaches - Master Classes by Dancers & Instructors

Performing Arts Workshops & Seminars: Songwriting by Renowned Songwriters - Recording & Artist Promotion -
Many more to be announced!

For more information, please contact:

John Seat, Executive Director
PH: 479-966-2379


Brian Yandell, Artistic Director
PH: 479-966-2411

*Please note that certain private lessons and/or advanced classes/workshops MAY require an audition or interview before acceptance.
All Instructors are professional and/or performing artists. All classes, Master classes and Workshops are conducted by professional, performing artists.

Updated:  October 14, 2009

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