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I'm Francesco Manitta.I'm 22 years old and I play guitar since I was 12.I live in Vercelli (Italy). I studied music in my high school and I attendedguitar lessons in music school CVM. I have been the lead guitarist of many group and I have played a lot of kind of music (pop,rock,blues,hard rock,funky,jazz). I have played many live shows in the North-West of Italy.In 2005 I started to composeand arrange songs for the bands Soul delirium and Griffin ( We won also a contest called "Alza il volume 2007" in Vercelli playing the songs "Can't go back" and "I don't need" that we have just recorded in studio.

Actually I'm the guitarist and the singer of the Jimi Hendrix tribute "Mr. Francy Experience" (



- Fender Stratocaster '50

- Epiphone SG

- Ibanez 2550EX


- Rivera 55 12

Updated:  October 21, 2009

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