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"Used to wake up every morning wishing I was someone else... I'm changing the mirror."

These lyrics excerpted from her upcoming single "Changing The Mirror" reflect the  mindset of singer/songwriter Nicolé Walton Sharpe as she re-emerges as a solo artist.

"I've gone through major life-changing events since my debut album," she asserts. "I want to capture my experiences and the lessons I'm learning in songs that are authentic and inspirational. Not preachy, but definitely reflecting my Christian world view."

With her 1st CD 'Journey', released almost 9 years ago, Nicolé established her trademark: a velvety-smooth voice crooning vulnerable lyrics and haunting melodies. Striving for a faith experience that's simple rather than simplistic, her songwriting tells tales of triumph and laughter, while also chronicling pain and struggle - and sometimes asking questions that remain unanswered. The result - songs that are soul-baring, empathetic, refreshingly authentic.

Nicolé is no stranger to the music scene. A seasoned background vocalist for some of the biggest names in the Jamaican music industry, she has also racked up numerous credits as a session singer for recording projects, and radio and tv jingles. In addition, she conducts what she describes as a 'tiny teaching practice', giving voice lessons to professional and amateur singers. "Got to earn a living!" she quips, flashing her trademark grin. "And I get to earn money doing things I'm passionate about. Kinda cool!"

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Updated:  October 10, 2010

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