Manuel Alcaraz Resume

      Manuel was educated as composer and pianist at the music conservatories of Almeria & Granada (Spain). He got specialized in music pedagogy at the Almeria University and took master classes with several international masters (Tamas Vesmas, Sergei Yerokhin and Elena Lazarska among others).

Meanwhile, he used to play guitars and keyboards at several Spanish indie bands, while deeps in knowledge about his other two big interest: computers and audio.

After his music studies get finished, he makes compatible both jobs (music teacher as well as sound engineer, arranger, programmer and music producer) for almost ten years.

At that moment, and after running a couple project studios, he is be able to launch a fully professional facilities, with some state of the art equipment and great acoustics qualities. Since then, he begins to work full time recording and producing music.

Good examples of works he has been involved as producer are the records:
Yakuzi: “Yakuzi” & “Ibai lehorretan itota”.
Astronaut: “Times new romance”.
The Shake: "Trippin' the whole colourful world".

Joining the great music and audio experience gained during those years with his classical education background, he begins to create his own original scores, founding TrionicLab, and managing and guiding his career toward the creation of original music for games, movies, advertising and TV.

Working philosophy: Average is not enough.

Updated:  November 12, 2009

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