Mukele Zinala Resume

      Argentine guitarist born and raised in the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires began to play at 6 and at 15, already influenced by the blues, raided other forms of Afro-American music; because of this incursion he saw the potential of “Afro-LatinAmerican” sounds especially by investigating spiritual concepts present in the music. These voices and rhythms resonate the words of Nicomedes Santacruz (Afro-Peruvian poet) clearing up terms in history, supporting the light of the matrix of authentic consciousness “we are Indoblaquinegros..” and transforms finally in a exploratory and creative fight that defines the parts of Mukele and all of those who have nurtured his name. Later to form Standar in 2000 together with Cotthu, Barry, and Taty, his first band characterized by its hard sound, he left the country and went to the United States where they became members of the “Black Rock Coalition” participating in the compilation “The Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again” together with artists like Vernon Reid (Living Colour) and Dave Fiuczinsky (Screaming Headless Torsos). But Mukele decided to return to Latin America and stopped off in Brazil, in the city of Rio de Janeiro “a cidade maravilhosa.” Captured by the atmosphere of the streets, and the warmth and feeling of the people and above all else the colorful music, he materialized these influences into the songs that today comprise of his first disc Ubuntu. Mukele tries to transport and reproduce a resounding inspiration that creates multiple feelings for this noted African word. It is the belief of a universal link connects of all humanity: “I am because we are” or he is who he is because of others, and thus it affirms the saying “humanity makes others.” A person with ubuntu is open and available for others, affirms others, does not feel threaten by others abilities because he is secure in himself because he knows he belongs to something bigger, weakens when others are humiliated or scorned, tortured or oppressed.” (Desmond Tutu)

Updated:  December 11, 2009

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