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Alarmstufe Riot is founded 2003 as a classical 3-chords-punkband. After a break and line-up-changes they play a mixture of hardcore, metal and punk. The musical technology was improved and with help of Bass- and a second guitar-player perfected. Concerts with for example "U.K. Subs", "Daily Terroristen" and "Kind im Magen?" followed. This year they celebrate their sixth year of making music. All band members are based in the south-east of Lower Saxony (Germany). They played for several years when they met each other. The interest for hardcore, metal and punk music combines them. The record session for their first records which include a mixture of different music styles (because of the same interest in different styles) finished January 2007. Some songs were just finally finished in studio. Alarmstufe Riots debut "Tote Szene?" is out now on Rebellion Records Germany.

Updated:  January 20, 2010

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