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      Guitarist Jack DeSalvo has been hailed by Wire magazine as "a masterful player". Rolling Stone Magazine gave an extremely rare four star (****) review when Jack lent his playing to "Red Warrior" for jazz great Ronald Shannon Jackson. "To label Red Warrior fusion is to deny its impact. Perhaps we should simply call it heavy-metal jazz." (RS 605).

DeSalvo's recording, Liquide Stones, with Vibist Arthur Lipner on the Tutu label brought this review from Cadence magazine: "Using both acoustic and electric instruments, DeSalvo demonstrates technique, intelligence and imagination with a broad streak of lyricism and passion in what amounts to one of the better guitar voices to be heard in improvised music these days." European reviews were no less entusiastic: "Guitar and vibraphones in a thrilling duo recital with timeless, inflammable ideas... Thus warm ballads burgeon beside provoking, avant-garde sound plasma, forming their own integrated musical system of co-ordination.." Rainer Guerich, CD Tips, Germany.

DeSalvo has performed and recorded with a quartet featuring Karl Berger, Anthony Cox and Tom Tedesco. Their recording, Transparencies, is on the German Belaphon label. He has played with The Chris Braun Trio, Tony Malaby, Drew Gress, Chris Kelsey, Melvin Gibbs, Pat Hall, Jorge Sylvester, the alternative rock outfit They Might Be Giants and in Europe with Peter Brotzmann and Miles' band. When Jack was coaxed into performing on stage with Hubert Sumlin of the great Howlin' Wolf band, Mr. Sumlin proclaimed, "You never can tell what a white boy can do!"

Jack is also an accomplished Classical guitar performing solo and with chamber ensembles.

Jack DeSalvo teaches all styles of guitar, bass guitar and mandolin at his place or yours and also gives one-on-one Skype lessons via the internet.

Updated:  January 7, 2010

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