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The Colorado native spent most of his life in Nebraska where, at the age of ten, he picked up his first guitar. Predominantly self-taught, the rhythm guitar was Troy's forte until he began playing bass guitar in 1988. For the next two years, he sharpened his skills jamming with friends. In 1990, Troy took to the stage in a local cover band. A few short years later, he gained touring experience performing six nights per week throughout the Midwest. With a comprehensive appreciation for all things musical, Troy has honed his explosive playing style and energetic stage presence to a level of professionalism that makes him a true entertainer in today's music scene.

Troy garnered studio experience by laying bass tracks on demos for several bands, as well as in a commercial for the State of Nebraska. In 2004, Troy recorded all of the bass tracks on Paisty Jenny's debut disc entitled Detours. After leaving Paisty Jenny late 2006, "The Dragon"joined the rock bandThe Noize in 2008, rocking many stages till the bands end in late 2009.

Whether performing live or concentrating on meticulous studio work, this well-rounded bassist has acquired the experience and the tools to be a professional bassist that can easily compete in today's music market. Troy is definitely a must-see bassist that pushes himself and his basses to the limit night after night.

Feel the roar of the Dragon!!!

Updated:  January 7, 2010

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