British Bassoon Corporation Resume

      John, Deena, Helen, Sam and Andy met each other through playing in bands and concerts and decided to form a bassoon quartet in 2008.
Four bassoons... you may be thinking... is that normal? Well, no it isn't, but we play arrangements of well known music which will cater for everybody's tastes, particularly those which suit the comedic properties of the humble bassoon.

John - The guy who takes control. John is the conductor of Keele Concert Band, J26 and is also the head of music at a very large secondary school in Nottinghamshire. John plays a bassoon called Boris.

Deena - The string teacher. Deena is a peripatetic instructor in Leicester and Nottingham. She plays in various ensembles in the midlands as a cellist but has a secret life as a bassoonist. Deena plays a bassoon called 'Bob'.

Helen - The one who keeps us on the right tracks. Helen is a railway signaller and practises bassoon in those little white boxes at the side of the mainline! She also plays in Derby Concert Band. Helen's bassoon was named 'Bernard'.

Sam - The mysterious one. We don't know much about Sam, except he's young, talented and he can get all the high notes. He plays in Keele concert band and enjoys Oxford Music school over the Summer. 'Billy' is Sam's bassoon.

Andy - ('but that's five' you're thinking) The Agent 005. Andy does the jobs when one of us can't and was discovered being subjected to Orchestral music in the Djanogly Orchestra. The name of Andy's bassoon has to remain confidential - it's a matter of national security!

Updated:  January 10, 2010

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