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Folk-like and retro.

Mean and sweet.

Cuts to the bone and encourages.

Tough love and TLC.

Metal, Rock, Country, Folk, Spiritual, Humorous.

More to come.

Energized elevator music for our age.

No preaching unless he's been there first.

Sounds a little bit like everything.

And he's getting better and more diverse every day!!


Wild is currently rehearing and staffing for his upcoming debut 2-CD Compilation, "PERSISTENCE vs. RESISTANCE."

©2010 Wild Bill Austin & sunFlower Music Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

a CD of Recovery and Triumph for the challenges
met in all ages, all times, not just ours.

Disc One

01 Richer than Love 4:20
02 Give 'em Some Rock 'n Roll 3:55
03 A Commercial Success 4:57
04 No Such Thing as Fear 9:35
05 Detractors 3:36
06 Far Worse than Murder 6:13
07 You Had to See Me Fall 3:33
08 Gone Again 4:27
09 I Just Want to Be With You 4:04
10 In the Line of Duty 4:55

Disc Two

11 Could Someone Give Him a Hand? 3:36
12 The Final Stage 3:36
13 Brother John 4:17
14 Made out of Love 4:33
15 Don't call Me Crazy 3:24
16 Keep it Country!! 4:49
17 The Neighbors' Dogs 3:26
18 Didn't Mean to..... 7:08
19 One More Shot of Whiskey 4:08
20 You Really Made My Day 4:12

©2010 Wild Bill Austin & sunFlower Music Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

PERSISTENCE vs. RESISTANCE can be found on ReverbNation with the following URL:


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When the page opens, you can display lyrics (except if not currently available), Download or buy, help yourself. This all public domain until released later this year. (THIS EXCLUDES LICENSING.) If you select 'more,' you can share the songs in Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, or double click on the link and email it to anybody anywhere on the planet!


© 2010 Wild Bill Austin and sunFlower Music corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

Wild Bill Austin, Independent Review "Give 'em Some Rock" (1st CD)
Label Review, Local Scene Record Label (1st CD)
Independent Review of "Ballad of the Asian Cowgirl" (2nd CD)

~~~~~~~~Wild Bill Austin / James Onusko-Indymusic review. ~~~~~~~~~
There are those who express themselves in the most artisic ways. Art if you will, is usually measured by the complexity of the painters thought on to canvas which is a reflection of his talent ie: The more complex the better the talent. This is not true in some cases. I think it was Sting who said "Its not what you play but what you dont play makes the difference between good and great". The album " Give'em Some Rock And Roll" exudes this to the measure. From the spectum of Jazz to Electo-dance, The far reaching boundries are explored and sometimes exceeded however; listening to 'Wild Bill Austin's "Give'em Some Rock And Roll" Cd, where there is no Jazz or Electro music, I find that even the simplest form of rock and roll / country music is just as boundless if the artist sings and plays with passion. "Wild Bill" shows us that music is fun, comical and sincere. From the beautiful ballad of " One Little Angel to the free form and whimsical 'DETRACTORS" I found myself asking, what will this guy do next? The lyrics range from opinions to love to enjoying life. If your looking for a little fun and something different out of the mainstream then this Cd is your 'to purchase' from Local Scene Records. He may not be Steve Vai but the talent he does have suits his message in an unsurpassed simple way. This artist is passionate about his music and his message which the listener will pick up on as I did.
James Onusko
Producer/ Indie Music reviewer
Freelance Reporter



Sometimes, music in the simplest form is the most enjoyable. I have found that most musicians do every trick they know in all their songs and it becomes musical overload. "Wild Bill" is a different breed from those that try to impress with over-done guitar tricks and instead, lays it all out for you in simple lyrics and music that you dont become bored or burned out. From the touching "One Little Angel" with its soft and tender vocals and acoustic guitar which would be easly found on any MOR radio staton to the comical "Wilder Women.....Faster Scooters" or "$9.95" You will find him warm and funny throught this Cd which the artist Wild Bill wrote and produced.


Updated:  January 19, 2010

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