Jason West Jones Resume

      Driven Madness is an independent music collaboration founded by Jason Jones in October 2003. The collaboration included band members from various areas of South Eastern Washington State. The South Eastern Washington State music scene was founded by such bands as Sunny Day Real Estate and Loudermilk. Jones started playing the Southeastern WA music scene around 1999 with such bands as Tattooed Vampires, Shed 7, and WFO who later went to play Ozzfest at the Gorge in George, WA Ozzfest 2000. WFO ended their career one year later, and Jason went on to write in independent music. This independent music would later take the form of a new independent alternative project that later became Driven Madness on October 13, 2003.

Jason Jones had been playing drums, bass, guitar, and singing for over 15 years before founding Driven Madness. So it was only natural that he was able to write and produce the now 50 published songs currently available online. Jason Jones is also owner and copyright chair holder of the Driven Madness networks. That include over 50 Los Angles affiliates including the VM Underground. The most popular of these affiliates being the Driven Madness Radio Show.

Driven Madness' music has been called thought provoking and is a self proclaimed prodigy of independent music. Driven Madness prides itself to have no corporate ties, yet has the ability to network and affiliate itself with as many credible associates and broadcasting companies without solicitation.

Updated:  January 30, 2010

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