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BRYAN TRIBBLE was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He lived and was raised in Sand Springs, Oklahoma (a suburb of Tulsa, OK) since he was in the third grade, where he graduated from Charles Page High School   His worked at odd jobs for a short time, then he worked for Billy Ray’s BBQ until he got a job in the steel industry in Tulsa.  Bryan later went to work for the City of Sand Springs Waste Dept.  


Growing up in a musical family, Bryan got the music bug at a very early age.  His musical roots is country and gospel music, though he has been exposed to everything from classical to 50’s and 60’s rock and roll.  He has had a guitar in his hands all his life, but started learning cords seriously since he was he was about ten years old from his father, though, he had to learn upside down and backwards until he found a guitar for a left handed person.  You see, Bryan is one of those rare left-handed players.  He became interested in songwriting, when he was about eighteen years old, a craft he has tried to accomplish, while attending songwriters meetings with his parents, first at the Tulsa Songwriters Association (TSA), then after his parents and others formed the Country Songwriters of Oklahoma, Inc. (CSO).


Bryan Reads all the books and material he can get to guide him in a career of music.  Though, he feels this is meaningful, he feels the best information, comes from the professional’s, themselves and those songwriters and entertainers who have become classics.  He says, “I have the highest regard for those that have been there, and accomplished what they set out to do.  I look to them as the most competent mentors for anyone looking for a career in the field of music and entertainment”.  He has become acquainted with several artists including the likes of Glen R. Townsend, a great musician and blues singer.  Scott Crossman, drummer for Ray Price, and the famous Speed West, steel guitar player, Darrell McGuire, songwriter (Deceased), Darrin Vincent, guitarist for Ricky Scaggs, have become great friends and mentors for Bryan.  He has gotten acquainted and co-wrote with other great songwriters.


Though he didn’t make the show, the Charlie Daniel’s Talent Roundup Show, invited Bryan to do a video shoot in Nashville, Tennessee, after sending them a demo tape, in August 1995.  He has played a few clubs in the Tulsa area.  He has played for private parties, benefits for firefighters, and has played at Freddie’s Steak House in Mannford, Oklahoma for Songwriters Open Mic sessions.  He has played at the Smoke House BBQ in Sand Springs, Oklahoma for Songwriters Open Mic sessions held by Patty (Hughes) Hupp and Joe Hupp Enterprises out of Nashville, Tennessee. 


Bryan is definitely a rising, untapped talent from the Oklahoma tradition.  He is in the process of putting together a new and exciting studio project.  His vocals are as distinctive as Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, or Marty Robbins.





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Updated:  March 6, 2010

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