Gypsy Angelus Resume

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Gypsy Angelus is a classically trained Soprano
Has studied Classical and Flamenco Guitar
Songwriter Lyricist
Worked with various Music artists & Producers in Puerto Rico
such as Ceferino Caban, Anthony Roman , Melvin Quinones and many others
Has worked in theater
Done makeup for stage some special effects
Ran camara for both TV & Film
Directed film ,Artistic Director for film
Promoted for others
She was about to go into Opera when decided to work on her own music fusion
Her roots are deep in Flamenco having grown up with it
its in her blood
She comes from a very musical family
She claims she was the youngest roadie in history @ 5 years old she would go with her uncles & help
with equipment lol
She did whatever she had to just 2 be around the Music
Music is her air her Heartbeat
She is Music !
She grew up in Chicago moved to South Beach Miami
Is now moving to Los Angeles

Updated:  March 14, 2010

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