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Stage Name: DJ Shenon 
Real Name: W.S.R. Mendis
Contact:         28/1, Bishop’s Road, Wattala. Sri Lanka.
Tel:         +94114974001
Mobile:         +94777 731173

Hi there, welcome to my music life for those of you who know me I don't need to tell you but if you don't its time you got to know it all. I was born and raised in the city of Colombo. Born in the month of December in 1976, I was educated in St. Joseph’s College located in Colombo 10. 

With my studies around I was very much interested in music, so my footsteps started marching on to listening to music. I used to buy tapes to listen to songs My Favourite Track My Girl done by The Temptations made me in to more of collecting music. Meantime changing in to styles of music my Favourite was Hip Hop & House I use to get them recorded. As the market was developing in to compact disc therefore I started collecting on CD’s as well as to do the scratchy stuff I used to aim on a good library of vinyl’s too. In between of the path making me Influenced was by Dr. J, DJ Rock Raider and DJ Noise.

Soon after my advance levels I started Playing As A Full Time DJ At Mega Music Store From 1996 to 1998 during that years I was a Part Time DJ at Chameleon Eden Hotel, Dungeon Club Bentota, Riverina Hotel Night Club, Santa Fe Restaurant, Resident DJ Library Trans Asia Hotel. Meantime I got promoted to been Full Time DJ at Taj Exotica (My Kind Of Place) for the period of one year 1998-1999. DJ & Animator at Club Palm Garden 1999-2000. Resident DJ at The Ware House Pub, 2001-2002, Resident DJ Le Garage Amaya Hills 2002-2003 presently employed working as a DJ at Cool Tempo (Pvt) Ltd the one who Influences me In The Music Business Mr. Kamesh Malwana. 

Going further up talking about my Experiences I could say that well knowledge In Playing Oldies, Retro, Hip Hop, Commercial, Chill Out & House Music For The Past 16 Years In A Variety Of Competitive, Public And Private Environments As well as Fluent In Operation Of All Modern DJ Equipment such as Denon, Pioneer, Numark, Technics, Vestax Etc. with Experience In Working Alongside Top Tier DJs From Sri Lanka been Coordinating In Private Functions too.

Spinning back to some of my special event which I had done was a 3 Day Programme Carnival Discotheque Organized By Girls Guides Association held at Viharamahadevi Park (1995), then come the spookiest ever the Halloween Nights, been a little bit of a home sweet home at Kohuwala Residencies - Private Party (1998), later getting it wild with Wildfire After Party - The Ware House Pub (2001), Teens Party – Le Garage (2002), nothing but the best how could we forget of the parties at colleges the American College - Dehiwala. (2005), flying away to a Wedding in India (2007) & also grooving on a Saturday Night Fever party at the Hilton (2007).

For this past 16 years of DJ life which I’ve been through the Accolades which I’ve been 1st Runner Up, Sun Fm DJ Of The Year (Galadari), 2000, Winner, DJ Championship 2004 (Blue Leopard, GOH), 2004, Finalist, Denon Dj Of The Year (Taj Samudra), 2006, Certification Of Participation, Denon Professional DJ Workshop (H2o), 2007.
Well this day is so special to me that I will never forget the day of July 18th which brought me the 1st Place - Professionals, Yfm DJ Championship (Galle Face Hotel), 2008. Achievement in Entering the Finals of the Denon DJ Competition (Singapore), 2009.

The Objective which I look forward To Diversify More Skills In To The Technical Ability In The Field Of Djing, The Aim Of Higher Levels In To International Standards Of The Musical Industry. Been a more outscore to the criteria of music. Teach others who wish to learn something from what they would like to know. 

Finally I would like to say….”one who is born no one will know your talents unless you discover it through your self, have confidence in what you could do coz there are so many things that you could discover through the way of life you live in. have the faith in God which Jesus will always be your success. One aim one ambition will make the goal of your dream come true.” Thank you to everyone. 

Updated:  March 26, 2010

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