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My metalband "Smothered" is a project of mine giving homage to the extreme metal style of the late 80's, early 90's that originated from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The style is simply called "Swedish Death Metal" not to be confused with the Gothemburg style Death Metal which is more melodic and incorporated a lot more folkmusic than the Stockholm based Death Metal. The Stockholm style is more punk and hardcore oriented but with a more technical and extreme "twist". Fast riffs and blast beats is the signature of the old-school Stockholm Death Metal.

I also have a jazz/blues project called The Autumn Hymns with influences from "A duke with a Gibson", "Pink Floyd" and "Django Reinhardt".

The myspace page for The Autumn Hymns is not yet ready but I will update this page as soon as it is up.

I am also available as a session musician or singer.

Updated:  April 8, 2010

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