Jessica Johnson Resume

      Ive been a singer since 1993. Never had a teacher for it. I sing at choir under the direction of Rev. Dean Roy.

Ive been a pianist since 1996 without a teacher. Im self taught.

Ive been a violinist since 1999. I was taught by Mr Boyce Wyrick.

Ive been a double bassist since 2004. I was taught by Mrs. Inez Wyrick Stokes, Mr. Boyce Wyrick, Mr. Paul Sharpe, Ms Katie Pidgeon(has another last name now), and receiced a few lessons from Mr Nick Scales.

Ive been an organist since 2007. self taught.

Ive been a guitarist and bass guitarist since 2007. Self taught.

i currently only have one student on violin. He is my nephew and an autistic. I am looking for some bass students or someone who needs a vocal coach.

I want to be in a symphony orchestra .

Updated:  April 23, 2010

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