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      Chicago-born Vessy Mink is an emotional, melodic, folk-punk singer/songwriter where the Cranberries meet Sheryl Crow for breakfast, then have tea-time with, Muse, the Cure and Depeche Mode, on to a power lunch with the Rolling Stones, the Eagles and the Grateful Dead, finishing off with a diversely yummy nine course dinner with everyone from, Dolly Parton to Janis Joplin. Her songs range from rock driven ballads to deeply rooted Bulgarian rhythms that put her in a class of her own. Vessy Mink's live solo shows have been described as “…truly riveting; raucous and delicate, improvisatory and fine-tuned.”

Vessy began her recording career in Chicago, as a hired electronica singer, where she recorded on tracks with legendary musicians such world renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff. After arriving in Los Angeles in 1998 Vessy Mink began writing and recording demos with Matt Sorum of The Cult, Guns & Roses and Velvet Revolver fame and then formed her first Los Angeles band, The Lovesick Lunatics, with Jason Art, Josh Rifkin and Craig Sharp. In 2000, together with the Love Sick Lunatics, she recorded Black Car, an independently self released album, that ultimately led to signing a demo deal with Virgin Records in 2001.

Black car showcased the strength of Vessy's Pop-Rock song writing, with such songs as Hollywood Hang Me, Love and Tell Me Why? Hollywood Hang Me went on to air for 3 straight months on The hit TV Series, The Gilmore Girls, and was licensed to Bud Light for a national TV commercial. As of late, the title track "Black Car," has been licensed by Cutting Edge Group LLC, for inclusion in the indie film Triple Dog, a Los Angeles based teenage thriller, directed by Pascal Franchot.

After playing for audiences in Los Angeles venues such as The Mint, The Temple Bar, The House of Blues, The Joint, The Gig, and many others, unfortunately, The Lovesick Lunatics parted ways in 2002.

Vessy can also be seen from time to time performing different vocal styles from Balkan to Blues to Tin Pan Alley tunes as part of the crinoline-clad, show stopping trio, The Smiling Minks with Moira Smiley and L.A's "diva deluxe" Suzy Williams.

Vessy Mink has continued to perform in L.A. and has hosted numerous acoustic nights at places such as the Viper Room, The Cows End, The Derby and The Brickhouse Kitchen in Venice, Ca. In January 2008, Vessy moved back to Chicago, and most recently (2010) to Little Rock, Arkansas. She is currently hard at work developing a new studio album of passionate songs with her talented partner, Kevlarhill who just happens to be a perfect musical match, programming tasty beats and luscious synth sounds as well as bringing driving acoustic drums and provocative underlying compositions to Vessy's natural acoustic simplicity. When the duo are not performing their high energy live show or working on their studio album, they enjoy their newest super fun side project called, the Bulgarian Girls,(a progressive dance club alternative genre.)

Updated:  May 4, 2010

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