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When I got to 5th grade where I had to pick an instrument, I selected the oboe. I loved it because the feeling I got on the lips. I learned bass and tuba in 6th grade. I made the district concert band from my 7th grade year to 2009 when I graduated. I played oboe for only a year of high school because I had to cover for the lack of tubists. I was in district jazz bands from 7th grade year to 2009. I was the only bass player in the bands growing up. And the extraordinary thing about me, I was a two-time All-state oboist. It's a rare thing to be in All-state twice; even rarer considering my once a year abilities were up against oboists with private lessons! I was part of a southern gospel band called Full Circle, I left because of the lack of fervor, they really had not much passion to be great like I had. I attend Eastern Illinois University, going into my sophomore year next semester. I play in the jazz band, and I also play in the Eastern Symphony Orchestra.

Onto the more serious side of my main genre that I love christian music. Before I go on, I must get something out of the way. You can't compare my favorite style, baroque, and my favorite music, christian. It's like trying to compare an apple to a banana, just not possible.
I play bass for my church and have for as long as I've been playing bass. I studied under a church member for a year, and my main mentor in my life for about 3 years. The first was through formal lessons, but the second was by example. That's where I learned to develop my ear really well, and my sense of rhythm. After the second teacher had left, my passion grew. I became greater than my teachers, I then became the main bassist for my church. My growing passion to learn music is what landed me in college for music. I play for the yearly drama at our church where I had to learn to play without seeing my fretboard. I can nail difficult lines without difficulty in the dark. I also play for our church choir, we travel to one of the coasts every year, all while singing at churches on the way to and fro, I play bass and sing in it. I also play alternate keyboard for our yearly comedy/dinner, I play like special sounds like bells, strings, and brass, that sort. I am a self taught piano player, I can play a little Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, etc. I study hard to increase my piano skills. I have expanded my musical knowledge over and over again. I can play almost any style. Pretty much the only style I'm uncomfortable playing because I haven't looked at it much is the latin style, bossa nova.

I may be a young musician, but my passion is hard to be matched. I went to school for music so I could teach music. My plans either during or after college includes being a part of a passionate and talented christian band, getting a job at a high school, and stick to my hobby of making reeds.

This is a link to Youtube, my first composition. I didn't have it saved on my computer, so here it is.

Updated:  May 5, 2010

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