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Aimee Michikawa                                                                 Bobby Abueg

Vocalist                                                                             Pianist/KeyBoardist


Personal Background:                                                                        Personal Background:

Current Location:  Shinjuku, Tokyo                                                    Current Location: Heights Maekami 201 30-36

                                                                                                                                       Maekamicho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama Ken


Nationality:            Filipino                                                                  Nationality:              Filipino  

Visa Status:           Permanent Resident                                             Visa Status:             Permanent Resident

E-mail:                   aemckw@gmail.com                                              E-mail:                     abueg@y4.dion.ne.jp

                                                                                                           Mobile                      04(269)7378


1995-1997  Sunshine Records Cover Singer                                     Gained skills and learned the basics of Music by becoming a       

1997-2000  Star Records Artist                                                         member of College Band of  Far Eastern University.

1997           Self DebutAlbum Released                                             Performed  at various renowned establishments  in  

1997-1998  Radio and TV Promotion                                                 Philippines such as :

1998           Rembrandt Hotel: Barouque Lounge Singer                                                   Camp John Hay, Baguio City,

1999           Danarra Hotel,                                                                                                Westine Philippine Plaza, 
                   Conway’s Bar, Shangri-la Makati                                                                     Peninsula Hotel, Manila.
                   Stone House Bar

2000           G-7 Lounge,Shinjuku                                                      Was scouted and given a chance to play in Japan as a

2008           Apha,Vicor Records Sessionist, Cover Singer                  Regular Pianist at Roppongi, St. George Bar in Hilton Hotel
2008           Commercial Jingle Singer                                                Shinjuku for a year. Became the Piano Soloist of  renowed

2009           Faces Lounge, Shinuju                                                   Y’s table Corporation managed lounge G-7 Shinjuku for 8 years.

2010           Free Lance Events Singer                                               Currently performing as a free lance Pianist in

                                                                                                          various lounges and hotels in Tolyo for events.

















Updated:  March 25, 2011

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