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TJ and Murphy formed in June 07. The initial idea was to get together as friends and write some acoustic music, in short have a jam-the outcome proved much different. The lads had been in a band together in their early teens. This band dismembered only a few months after it started; this was the point their individual musical journeys began. They would not be in contact for some eight years, until a couple of fait meetings, which would in turn lead them to embarking on a busking trip across Europe. It was there a creative musical spark was triggered; and a strong song writing partnership was forged. TJ describes it as a “happy accident”. Whatever it was it was the start of an incredible musical journey. On returning home work started on their highly acclaimed 14 track debut album ‘Weary nights’, whilst gigging extensively around the UK, and touring Norway. In two years remarkable progress has been made, this has not gone unnoticed by press and radio. Many interviews and articles have been printed; live sets performed on BBC radio Merseyside, BBC Cambridge, radio Cheshire, Chorley, and Pembrokeshire to name a few. The music even spread as far as Rockland radio (New York). Playing Support slots for top acoustic musicians such as Nick Harper, Stephen Fretwell, Bella Hardy and Eliza Carthy. The music from TJ and Murphy is spreading like wildfire, winning a strong fan base along the way and gaining recognition as a must see live act. Recently performing two sell out shows at Bluecoat performance space and View 2 gallery Liverpool. TJ and Murphy are strong supporters of the Linda McCartney centre and love hope and strength foundation. So what’s next? The lads have begun work on their second album. Also working with some fine musicians to give the new album a different dynamic, while closely holding on to their acoustic roots. With the ever-increasing fan base some theatre shows include The Gladstone theatre (port sunlight) and Pacific Road arts theatre, where they played the prestigious International guitar festival 09, the guitar festival invited them back to play in 2010 at the Priory. It seems there is no stage too big or too small for TJ and Murphy. What a difference a jam can make!

Updated:  May 29, 2010

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