Janishia Jones Resume

      Since the tender age of two, Janishia began dance lessons in tap, jazz, & ballet that lead the course of her lifetime appreciation for the arts. Her musical career began when she started taking violin lessons in 5th grade where she realized she had a natural talent for this craft. By the time Janishia was 16 years old, she had joined Choir & Orchestra and had won four talent competitions one of them being an international competition founded by Hal Jackson, a well-known established disk jockey for WBLS radio show in New York City.

Janishia's aspirations for music became more serious after she taught herself piano & began writing/ producing/ and singing original songs. After interning for Donald Parker, Creative Director for SONY at Parker Entertainment Productions, a studio located in world-reknown Newark Symphony Hall, her determination for success within the music industry was solidified. She copyrighted and published her catalogue under the name, Lullilloo Publishing at the age of 16. Meanwhile, Janishia performed at local gigs and concerts.

Janishia's passion for knowledge was further implemented after attending Florida International University in Miami, FL where she majored in Music Technology with a concentration in Opera. Janishia credits her studies there as "an important part of my growing as not only a vocalist, but as a music producer." However, goals of owning a record label she felt was stifled there & she transferred the following semester to Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL where she earned an Associate of Science in Recording Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Music Business. "Full Sail University was a more hands-on environment & their rigorous round-the-clock schedule introduced me to the demands of the industry and has better prepared me for it."

Next Fall, Janishia will be attending law school in pursuit of becoming an entertainment lawyer. Her future goals include owning a showcase venue and establishing F.R.E.E. Records, a breakthrough indie label. Eventually, she would like to give back to the community by opening a facility called GirlsWorld, Inc. created to empower women in urban communities.

Updated:  May 31, 2010

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